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Lessons from Reformers

OGP Local workshop in Elegyo-Marakwet, Kenya

Inclusive Contracting in Elgeyo-Marakwet, Kenya

Lessons from Reformers: Although Kenya requires that 30% of procurement opportunities be allocated to women, youth, and people with disabilities, these groups still face significant obstacles in the procurement market.

Oil rig in the yards

Nigeria’s Push for Beneficial Ownership Transparency in Procurement and in the Extractives Sector

Lessons from Reformers: As a resource-rich country that has been plagued by grand corruption, beneficial ownership transparency has emerged as an important tool in Nigeria.

Aerial view of a port in Montevideo, Uruguay

Uruguay’s National Water Plan

Lessons from Reformers: Uruguay’s 2004 constitutional reform reversed privatization of water and sanitation services. This reform signaled a significant public interest in water and sanitation governance.

Prozorro Office – Ukraine

Empowering Citizens as Watchdogs in Ukraine

Lessons from Reformers: After the successful launch of the ProZorro e-procurement platform in 2015, Ukraine launched DoZorro...

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