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Empowering Citizens as Watchdogs in Ukraine

Empoderando a las personas como vigilantes ciudadanos en Ucrania

Renforcer l’autonomie des citoyens en tant que chiens de garde en Ukraine

Lessons from Reformers

This case study was originally posted in the OGP Global Report.

After the successful launch of the ProZorro e-procurement platform in 2015, Ukraine launched DoZorro in November 2016 as part of its 2016– 2018 OGP action plan. DoZorro is a public procurement monitoring platform that enables citizens to submit feedback, including alerts of possible irregularities and reports of violations in the public procurement sector. According to the government, more than 700,000 users have visited the website since its launch, flagging nearly 74,000 concerns, of which 20,000 were found to relate to actual violations of public procurement rules and principles.1

Most importantly, the government has taken concrete steps to act on the citizen feedback, such as by directing appeals to controlling bodies, changing tenders, and initiating formal investigations. In this way, the government has created an enabling environment for responding to user complaints. Today, a newly formed monitoring group is working on designing policies that further improve the timeliness and efficiency of the enforcement process. At the same time, Transparency International Ukraine is making progress on technological tools powered by artificial intelligence that reveal the potential of automating the monitoring of violation risks.


  1. Email correspondence from Nataliia Oksha, Secretary of the OGP Coordinating Council and Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Communication, Government of Ukraine. Received by the Report team on 29 Mar. 2019.


Photo Credit: Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine

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