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Everyone has a story. OGP’s was written by you.

We created OpenStories to be a place where the community can share stories of progress and inspiration as we work together to change the way government serves its citizens.

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What Makes a Good Open Government Story?

In the open government world, there are a lot of stories that deserve to be told. Join us for one of three workshops in June to explore the craft and purpose of writing about open government with clarity and impact.

OpenStories Argentina

Mabel’s Fight for Women’s Rights in Argentina

As an activist, feminist, and founder of the Foundation for Women’s Studies, Mabel Bianco has dedicated her life to ensuring and enhancing women’s rights in Argentina, including through open government initiatives. Watch her story.

OpenStories video featured – Italy

Alessandra Fights for Her Community

In Italy, the use of EU funds has long been mismanaged. With OpenCoesione and its school program “A Scuola di OpenCoesione”, thousands of students are learning how to monitor EU funds for a more inclusive, participatory, and accountable society.

OpenStories video featured – Korea

Third Graders Pitch In On What’s Pitched Out

When millions gathered in Gwanghwamun Square in the Republic of Korea to protest the previous administration, President Moon invited citizens back to the square to propose policies that responded to their needs. Many proposals have become policies - one of them came from third graders in Jeju.

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