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Halla Tomasdottir

Break the Roles Voices: Halla Tómasdóttir

Halla Tómasdóttir ran for president in Iceland and almost won. As CEO of The B Team, Halla is an avid advocate for inclusive and diverse leadership in government, business, and beyond.

Mongolia Nutsgee

Rooms to Learn

There is one person per 24 head of livestock in Mongolia. This makes the country the least densely populated on earth, with unique challenges to delivering public services and working with citizens. See what happens when the government invites parents in to help improve their children’s education.

The Business Imperative for Open Contracting

This blog is based on OGP CEO Sanjay Pradhan’s remarks at the European Conference of International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM), Krakow A Story from Ukraine - ProZorro & DoZorro I want to talk to you about how…

Open Government – A Citizen’s Perspective

A Government Open to the People, for the People, by the PeopleThis blog is adapted from remarks made by OGP CEO Sanjay Pradhan at the OpenON event in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on March 26th, 2018.Let me begin with a story…

Liberia Land

Food From This Soil: Land Rights in Liberia

We’ve got case studies. We’ve got six years worth of blogs, research, and webpages dedicated to open government. We’ve got thousands of civil servants and civil society reformers working across the globe to make governments more transparent, accountable, and responsive…

Open Government Partnership