1. Hold a Forum on Access to Information and Public Participation in Environmental Issues

    CR0011, 2013, Environment and Climate

  2. Empower People Through Access to Information and Opportunities for Citizen Participation

    CR0019, 2013, E-Government

  3. Monitor the Open Data Hackathon First and Further Events of This Type

    CR0020, 2013, Open Data

  4. Draft Law on Access to Public Information

    CR0026, 2015, Legislation & Regulation

  5. Policy Reforms Against Corruption

    CR0034, 2015, Anti-Corruption Institutions

  6. Civil Rights in Open Government

    CR0037, 2015, Capacity Building

  7. Protocol for Dialogue with Sectors and Populations

    CR0039, 2015, Capacity Building

  8. Citizen Participation Policy of the Judiciary

    CR0040, 2015, Capacity Building

  9. Civic Laboratories

    CR0041, 2015, Capacity Building

  10. Houses of Justice

    CR0042, 2015, Justice

  11. 27 Territorial Councils for Rural Development

    CR0043, 2015, Infrastructure & Transport

  12. Talking for Good Living with Indigenous Peoples (RIBCA)

    CR0044, 2015, Marginalized Communities

  13. Table for Guanacaste

    CR0045, 2015, Infrastructure & Transport

  14. Democratic Development Workshops

    CR0046, 2015, Public Participation

  15. Laboratory and Innovation for Sustainable and Inclusive Cities

    CR0049, 2017, Public Participation

  16. Opening of Public Data on Climate Change and Its Financing

    CR0050, 2017, Environment and Climate