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Develop a National Action Plan

National Action Plans

OGP participating countries will co-create a National Action Plan (NAP) with civil society. NAPs are at the core of a country’s participation in OGP. They are the product of a co-creation and participatory process in which government and civil society jointly develop commitments. Successful OGP action plans focus on significant national open government priorities and ambitious reforms; are relevant to the values of transparency, accountability, and public participation; and contain specific, time-bound, and measurable commitments.

OGP-participating countries work in a two-year NAP calendar cycle without gaps between the end of the last action plan and the beginning of the new one. This means every country will be implementing a NAP at all times, although individual commitments and milestones still vary in length.

NAPs must be submitted to the Support Unit in both the administrative language of the country and English.

You can refer to more information about developing a NAP in the Point of Contact Manual (Español), particularly chapter 7.

OGP’s Participation and Co-creation Standards can be found here. OGP countries must meet the basic requirements outlined in the standards while developing, implementing, monitoring and reporting a National Action Plan.

OGP Point-of-Contact Manual 2017 (Español)
OGP Point-of-Contact Manual 2017
OGP Commitment Template Example 2017
OGP Commitment Template 2017
OGP Commitment Template 2017 (Español)
OGP Commitment Template 2017 (Français)
OGP Commitment Template 2017
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