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El Salvador Mid-Term Report 2016-2018

On its third action plan, El Salvador expanded participation from CSOs during the consultation process. Commitments had limited progress during the first year of implementation. Lack of ambition and diversification of themes continue to be challenges.


Commitment Overview Well-Designed? *
3. Transparency advocates Community leaders will receive training to strengthen their ability to exercise their right to access to information. No
13. Culture and coexistence houses Fifty municipalities will implement a cultural management model to promote a culture of peace and violence prevention. No
15. Citizen participation and control in education Education consultative councils will be strengthened to promote oversight of social programs in education. No

* Commitment is evaluated by the IRM as specific, relevant, and has a transformative potential impact
Commitment is evaluated by the IRM as being specific, relevant, potentially transformative, and substantially or fully implemented



The Open Government Observatory (OGA in Spanish) led the co-creation and implementation process, which included an online and a territorial consultation. Ministries and agencies took part in the process, but it is still necessary to include the Legislative and Judiciary branches of government.

Did Not act contrary to OGP process

A country is considered to have acted contrary to process if one or more of the following occurs:

  • The National Action Plan was developed with neither online or offline engagements with citizens and civil society
  • The government fails to engage with the IRM researchers in charge of the country’s Year 1 and Year 2 reports
  • The IRM report establishes that there was no progress made on implementing any of the commitments in the country’s action plan


Commitments saw limited progress during the first year of implementation. Two commitments were withdrawn due to lack of support from authorities and issues in coordination. While all commitments are relevant to OGP values, they lack the ambition of previous action plans.

IRM Recommendations

  1. Institutionalize El Salvador’s participation in the Open Government Partnership through mechanisms that guarantee the strengthening and sustainability of the Open Government Observatory as a multi-sectorial dialogue space with participation of public institutions committed to the Partnership’s consolidation.
  2. Include participation by public institutions part of thematic councils –CONASAV, CONED and CNSSC – to establish commitments for the next action plan that complement initiatives developed by this councils or increase their impact.
  3. Conduct early consultation processes with private sector stakeholders or CSOs that participate in innovating commitments, ensuring responsibility for fulfilling commitments and designing consensual proposals that allow for a results-oriented action plan.
  4. Continue the territorial consultation process to design the new action plan, strengthening the scope of the announcement and establishing consensual guidelines for participation that ensure effective participation by minority groups.
  5. Include local government and community leaders in commitments that require a high territorial component, especially those that seek to install platforms or web systems that are hard to access by communities with low information technology and communication penetration.


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