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Georgia Transitional Results Report 2018-2019 – For Public Comment

In 2021, the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) published the Transitional Results Report for Georgia’s fourth action plan (2018-2019). The report covers the level of completion and the results of the action plan.

The version of the report for public comment is available in English and in Georgian below. The public is invited to comment on the report here or below. The two-week public comment period closed 1 July 2021.


Comments (2)

Irina Arabidze Reply

I would like to suggest an edit to section 26. Strengthen effectiveness and transparency of the parliament by implementing innovative technologies. On May 27, 2021 Parliament launched the new website in a test mode. Accordingly, if the reporting cut-off date allows, the information in the first paragraph should be updated to reflect the following change:
With the support of USAID GGI, parliament developed a new webpage and test-launched it on May 27, 2021 after technical issues connected with the migration of a large amount of data from the previous version were resolved. Parliament originally planned to launch the new webpage by February 2021 (after the official action plan period), but due to the technical streamlining process, the test launch was implemented in the Month of May.
Subsequent paragraphs should be updated to reflect the same change.

Maia Khmaladze Reply

Commitment 25 (p. 17, paragraph 3 for Georgian version; p. 16 for English version) – The Budget and Finance Committee published Report on Transparency of State Budget and Civic Participation in the Budgetary Processes on the website of Parliament of Georgia after a week of completion of the official action plan period. The Report is available About the publication of this Report was mentioned in The Interim Report on Activities of Open Governance Permanent Parliamentary Council 2020 and in The Report on Activities of Open Governance Permanent Parliamentary Council 2020
Commitment 26 (p. 17, Paragraph 1, 2 for the both versions) – Parliament launched the new webpage in 27 May 2021. According to completion of this commitment several other ones were fulfilled, namely, via new webpage is accessible: a) information on Parliamentary supervisory activities from the website of the Parliament (commitment 3.3.), b) mechanism for online registration of citizens, for the purpose of ensuring attendance at committee sessions (3.5.), c). an online chat mechanism (“live chat”) for gathering information (3.6.), d) an electronic search engine for draft laws that are reviewed in an accelerated manner (3.8.)
Several links are to be checked and updated from the new webpage.
Please, check the links for ref. 73 and ref. 79 in Georgian version of the Report (The accurate link for ref. 73 is (Concept Document for Citizen Engagement Center) and for ref. 79 – (Interim Report on Activities of Open Governance Permanent Parliamentary Council 2020, p.19).
As for the English version of the Report, links for the references 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 65, 70, 73, 79, 80 don’t work.

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