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Ghana End-of-Term Report 2015-2017

The action plan contained potentially transformative measures to implement open contracting, increase extractives’ revenue transparency, and improve online access to public information. Although completion levels were higher than the midterm, the government did not fully implement any commitments. Moving forward, the Ghanaian government could prioritize the RTI Law and give serious consideration to improving the resourcing of OGP commitments in the country.

Commitment Overview Well-Designed? * Major or Outstanding Results? **
1. Open contracting and contract monitoring An action of the commitment, prosecution of officials indicted on charges of misappropriating public funds is potentially transformative in minimising corruption. Yes No
5. Oil revenue management and Mineral Development Fund The adoption of the Minerals Development Fund (MDF) Act in March 2016 is transformative for increasing transparency in the mining sector. Yes No

* Commitment is evaluated by the IRM as being specific, relevant, and potentially transformative
** Commitment is evaluated by the IRM as having major or outstanding results in terms of the ‘Did it Open Government?’ variable
✪ Commitment is evaluated by the IRM as being specific, relevant, potentially transformative, and substantially or fully implemented

Development of the action plan was inclusive of a variety of civil society stakeholders and input was received during consultative meetings was incorporated into the action plan. Moving forward, government could keep up this effort during action plan implementation. Government published its midterm self-assessment report with a slight delay.

Mostly “governance” civil society Primarily agencies that serve other agencies

As part of OGP, countries are required to make commitments in a two-year action plan. The tables below summarize the completion level at the end of term and progress on the “Did It Open Government?” metric. For commitments that were complete at the midterm, the report will provide a summary of the progress report findings but focus on analysis of the ‘Did It Open Government?’ variable. For further details on these commitments, please see the Ghana IRM progress report 2015-2016.

Ghana’s action plan focused on four main areas: transparency, citizen’s participation, accountability, and technology and innovation. The government carried over many of the commitments from the previous action plan although it updated all commitment milestones. Open contracting and contract monitoring is a new commitment.


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