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Ireland Mid-Term Report 2016-2018

Ireland’s second action plan addresses citizen engagement, transparency, open data, anticorruption and accountability. Moving forward, the government could consolidate civil society interests during the development of the next action plan, and ensure consultation during implementation.


Commitment Overview Well-Designed? *
✪13. Develop a code of practice for governance of charities Reform regulation concerning charity governance, finance, and employee recruitment.


14. Strengthen anti-corruption measures update and strengthen Ireland’s anticorruption laws.


11. Open-Data Strategy Develop and implement and a short- and long-term Open-Data Strategy in consultation with stakeholders.


* Commitment is evaluated by the IRM as specific, relevant, and has a transformative potential impact
✪ Commitment is evaluated by the IRM as being specific, relevant, potentially transformative, and substantially or fully implemented


Development of Ireland’s second action plan involved an online call for civil society proposals, and in-person consultation forums. However, the government decided on the final scope of commitments, and implementation lacked regular multistakeholder consultation.

Did not act contrary to OGP process

A country is considered to have acted contrary to process if one or more of the following occurs:

  • The National Action Plan was developed with neither online or offline engagements with citizens and civil society
  • The government fails to engage with the IRM researchers in charge of the country’s Year 1 and Year 2 reports
  • The IRM report establishes that there was no progress made on implementing any of the commitments in the country’s action plan


While several commitments in Ireland’s second action plan have seen substantial implementation, and are on schedule to be completed, others have seen only limited completion. Moving forward, the government should ensure that the commitments on improving the governance of charities and strengthening anti-corruption measures are fully implemented.

IRM Recommendations

  1. Develop an umbrella group called the ‘Multistakeholder Forum,’ redefining the term ‘civil society’ in Ireland.
  2. Develop an Implementation Review Group (IRG) to ensure consultation during implementation.
  3. Raise public awareness of open government.
  4. Consider other key issues for the next plan, including developing new commitments related to corporate social responsibility.
  5. Government and stakeholders both need to reflect on whether they really want to commit to open government in the future.


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