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Montenegro Design Report 2018-2020 – For Public Comment

In 2020, the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) published the Design Report for Montenegro’s second action plan (2018-2020). The report covers the development of the action plan and the design of its commitments.

In Montenegro, the IRM’s findings are summarized below:

“Montenegro’s second action plan ended a prolonged period of OGP inactivity in the country. The plan addresses budget transparency, public participation, and electronic services. Most commitments derive from the country’s ongoing Public Administration Reform and the EU accession process. Moving forward, Montenegro could use the OGP process to advance long-term strategic goals, and strengthen transparency in public spending, access to information, and public participation tools.”

And in Montenegrin:

“Drugim Akcionim planom za Crnu Goru završio se duži period neaktivnosti na planu POU u toj zemlji. U Akcionom planu su obrađena pitanja transparentnosti budžeta, učešća javnosti i elektronskih usluga. Većina obaveza proističe iz aktuelne reforme javne uprave i procesa pristupanja EU. Crna Gora bi ubuduće mogla da se služi procesom POU kako bi ostvarila dugoročne strateške ciljeve i ojačala transparentnost na planu javne potrošnje, pristupa informacijama i mehanizama za učešće javnosti.”

The version of the report for public comment is available in English and in Montenegrin. The two-week public comment period closed 16 June 2020.


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