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Sao Paulo Design Report 2018-2020 – For Public Comment

In 2020, the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) published the design report for Sao Paulo’s second action plan. The report covers the action plan development process and the design of commitments.

The IRM researcher in Sao Paulo, Luciana Tuszel, summarizes the findings below:

“The co-creation of São Paulo’s second action plan was characterized by an increase in civic participation, compared to the first plan. However, after the plan’s milestones were revised, there was a decrease in the potential impact of two of its five commitments. As a whole, São Paulo’s action plan represents an important step towards the consolidation of an open government agenda with incremental advancements. Given the action plan was the result of a broader effort to involve civil society organizations, it will be key to follow how civic engagement evolves during the plan’s implementation.”

The public comment period closed January 22, 2021.


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