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Sweden Mid-Term Report 2016-2018

Sweden’s third action plan marks an improvement over its prior plans with a broadened focus that covers foreign aid, digital government, access to documents, and consultation. The next action plan could improve through wider consultation and clearer commitments.


Commitment Overview Well-Designed?*
✪1. Digital First programme and public document access A whole-of-government approach to improve public access to documents and data at all levels


2. Aid effectiveness Promoting civic space and government-CSO dialogue in Sweden and beyond


3. CSO dialogue New working method to bring expert voices into dialogue on key issues


* Commitment is evaluated by the IRM as specific, relevant, and has a transformative potential impact.


Sweden’s consultations largely occurred during other forums on aid and government digital services. This is not inherently a problem, but there is no central forum for the intersectoral discussion and promotion of open government.

Did not act contrary to OGP process

A country is considered to have acted contrary to process if one or more of the following occurs:

  • The National Action Plan was developed with neither online nor offline engagement with citizens and civil society;
  • The government fails to engage with the IRM researchers in charge of the country’s Year 1 and Year 2 reports; or
  • The IRM report establishes that there was no progress toward implementing any of the commitments in the country’s action plan.


Most of Sweden’s commitments are highly relevant and innovative, but several lack verifiability and a clear results-orientation. However, the verifiable activities seem to be proceeding according to schedule.

IRM Recommendations

  1. Consult a more diverse range of CSOs, provide systematic and more concrete feedback to consultation participants, and commission external evaluations of the dialogue process.
  2. Develop systems to prioritise high-value data releases in more sectors; monitor use and effects.
  3. Set concrete targets and indicators for the digitisation of the public sector, make provisions for inclusiveness and privacy, and adopt a clear open data remit for the Digital First programme.
  4. Develop a formal and regular consultation mechanism to facilitate meaningful dialogue on the OGP commitments.
  5. Improve progress monitoring of the Policy for Global Development (PGU).


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