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The Skeptic’s Guide to Open Government – 2018 Edition


This edition of the Skeptic’s Guide to Open Government was released in 2018. Find the 2022 edition here, which includes evidence on five additional areas – access to justice, fiscal openness, open contracting, social audits, and grievance redress mechanisms.

Whether you are inside or outside of OGP, you may not yet be convinced of the benefits of opening government. When you open government, what do you get in return? If you are asking this question, this guide is for you.

The guide summarizes what is known about the impact of opening government in five areas: 1) public service delivery 2) business opportunities 3) government efficiency and cost saving 4) prevention of corruption and 5) trust in government. Each chapter draws from empirical evidence, and highlights reformers who are opening government in innovative ways.

Explore the guide below.


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Comments (2)

Miraj Mustafa Reply

One of the areas where the government is most fertile is the solution to unemployment.

Horacio Ulises Barrios Solano Reply

Para bailar se necesitan 2: el corruptor y el corrupto, sin embargo en la mayoría de los casos el castigo sólo es para en corrupto.

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