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Tunisia Design Report 2018-2020 – For Public Comment

In 2021, the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) published the Design Report for Tunisia’s third action plan (2018-2020). The report covers the development of the action plan and the design of its commitments.

In Tunisia, the IRM’s findings are summarized below:

To develop Tunisia’s third action plan, the country increased participation of CSOs, however, without deepening their involvement to share the decision-making power and increasing the ambition of the plan. It contains four notable reforms to carry forward on extending the OGP process to 10 municipalities, facilitating access to information in the extractives industry and on anti corruption measures to protect whistleblowers. Moving forward, Tunisia could consider expanding the scope of commitments to include other relevant national priorities like opening the budget process in COVID-19 recovery efforts contributing to tracking expenditures, tax benefits and focus on transparent and accountable delivery of public services.

The report is available below in English and Arabic. The public is invited to review and comment on this report from 6 July until 20 July 2021. Comments can be submitted here, below, or by email to


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