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OGP Leaders Network Cover

Reflections from the OGP Leaders Network Pilot Program

The OGP Leaders Network Program Over the years, OGP has evolved as a prominent platform for thematic reform and ambition, and initiatives like the OGP Leaders Network (2020-2021) have catalyzed thematic leadership across the Partnership. The Leaders Network was designed…


New OGP IRM Report For UK Finds Minimum Standards Were Not Met

s a co-founder of OGP, the United Kingdom has been a global leader on open government and anti-corruption efforts, implementing four open government action plans to date. However, the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) has completed its review of the UK’s most recent action plan, finding that it has failed to meet minimum standards that are required when developing an OGP action plan. 

Strategy Update Blog – July

Update on Co-Creating the Future of OGP

Just over two months ago, we launched the process to co-create OGP’s new strategy for 2023-2028. As part of the first phase of this process, we’re asking the OGP community and beyond about the role and relevance of open government for the next five years.

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