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Making Trillion Dollar Stimulus and Safety Nets Work for All: The Essential Steps We Can Take Now

OGP CEO Sanjay Pradhan calls on governments, citizens, civil society, businesses and others to join together to shape COVID-19 stimulus and safety nets and follow the money to save millions of lives and livelihoods.


Open Algorithms: Experiences from France, the Netherlands and New Zealand

Algorithms - analytical systems that process data and supplement or replace decision-making previously undertaken by people - have become an essential way for governments to improve delivery of public services and implementation of policy. More and more, governments are using…


Taking the OGP Co-Creation Process Online

Find practical tips, a curated list of online tools and platforms, and country examples to help take your OGP co-creation process online.

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Taking the OGP Co-Creation Process Online – Online Tools & Platforms

A curated list of online tools that may be appropriate to use in the different stages of the policymaking cycle.

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Taking the OGP Co-Creation Process Online – Questions to Consider

Before you consider online engagement, determine the purpose and the target audience. What do you want to achieve at the end of this process? Who are you seeking to engage and why? What are you seeking?

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Taking the OGP Co-Creation Process Online – Managing Virtual Meetings

Throughout the OGP co-creation process, there may be a need to convene virtual and in-person meetings, including open or invite-only meetings, meetings of thematic working groups, or meetings of the OGP Multistakeholder Forum.

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