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Activists standing together in protest picket

Democratic Freedoms Learning Network

Learn about the Democratic Freedoms Learning Network, an informal network of government reformers, civil society advocates, and international partners and others committed to reversing the 15-year trend of declining civic space to share learnings on democratic freedoms and civic space.

Group of people activists with raised fists protesting on streets, protests demonstration and coronavirus concept.

OGP Launches the Democratic Freedoms Learning Network

Democratic freedoms and civic space are the underpinnings for open government. They allow people to think and speak freely, act in coordination, and advocate for change without fear of reprisal or violence. These freedoms, however, are in decline and under…

OGP Strategy – Blog

Creating OGP’s Future Together: Shape the Partnership’s New Strategy

OGP is calling on its community of reformers to step up and actively participate in developing a new strategy of OGP for 2023 -2028. This is your invitation to join us. 

Celebrating 10 Years of Progress: The OGP Timeline

This is a collection of moments of impact to the community and organization. In the spirit of the Partnership, this is the starting point of co-creation. OGP invites its many partners - including you - to reflect on its growth…

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Open Government Partnership