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Five Takeaways from the First OGP Local Assembly Meeting

Mercedes NasiffandJosé María Marín|

OGP Local is the fastest-growing community within OGP, highlighting local governments’ dedication to embracing open government practices. That is why OGP officially launched the OGP Local Assembly at the OGP Global Summit, bringing together more than 90 local heads of government and civil society leaders to showcase the thriving energy of open government initiatives at the local level. 

Aligning with OGP’s 2023-2028 strategy, the Assembly provided a unique platform for reformers to share their insights on how local government and civil society can accelerate the impact of open government. Here are five takeaways from this gathering.


1. Local leadership to empower communities: Committed mayors, governors, and local administrators must lead the way inside and outside their administrations to help build a broader community of open government champions. Their comprehensive perspective of government policies, as well as their commitment to transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement, is vital to fostering vibrant, empowered communities.

2. From rhetoric to action: Reformers must leverage OGP to translate words into actions to have a positive impact in their communities and build trust with citizens. Only then can citizen participation, inclusion, or climate action become a reality. In Nandi County, Kenya, a toll-free call center is enabling citizen participation by facilitating prompt service feedback from residents in rural areas. Quintana Roo, Mexico, is co-creating a strategic plan alongside marginalized groups, including youth, women, and indigenous communities, and engaging over 11,000 individuals for more inclusive policies. Khmelnytskhyi, Ukraine, is co-creating the Green City Action Plan, promoting climate action and sustainability at the grassroots level.

3. Institutionalize open government for stronger results: Across different governments, there is a concerted effort to institutionalize open governance practices. These endeavors go beyond surface-level transparency and strive to create mechanisms for transparent decision-making, meaningful citizen engagement, and robust accountability. Open government principles are becoming integral to the very fabric of local governance, ensuring their longevity and integration into the governance framework.

4. Measuring impact and accountability: The Assembly featured numerous examples of tangible improvements in communities. Gathering evidence to identify failures and successes is vital to accelerate impact and to be accountable to citizens and demonstrate that the promises made are being carried out. Examples of lessons learned from recent open government initiatives can be found in the latest IRM Report on Local Action Plans 2021-2022.

5. Storytelling and inspiration: To strengthen democracy worldwide, successful open government initiatives need to be scaled and replicated. It is important for reformers to share what has worked and hasn’t, and truly learn from each other to inspire and encourage communities to aim higher, innovate boldly, and collectively shape a more impactful open government.


The first OGP Local Assembly reminds us that local governments are empowering communities, fostering innovation, building partnerships, and achieving measurable impact by adopting open government practices. These takeaways provide valuable guidance on how open government initiatives empower and transform communities while a new call of expressions of interest is being launched for local governments to join OGP Local and be part of the largest global community of open government leaders. 


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