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OGP to Partner with the Asian Development Bank

Joe Powell|

The Asian Development Bank and Open Government Partnership have agreed to work together to support transparency, accountability and participation efforts in the region. There are currently 9 countries that are participating in OGP who are also regional members of the ADB, with several more interested in joining in the near future.

The ADB’s support will focus on exploring opportunities to provide technical and financial assistance to help countries meet OGP eligibility criteria and to develop and implement OGP action plans.

OGP now has five multilateral partnerships, with the ADB joining the World Bank, OECD, Inter-American Development Bank and UNDP as formal partners. The OGP Steering Committee sees these partnerships as critical to increase the resources available to support participating countries to implement their open government reform commitments. The multilateral partners are also working to expand OGP, by helping countries that wish to become eligible to join. 

Minister Kuntoro, on behalf of Indonesia as the lead government chair of OGP, said:

“I thank the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for accepting Indonesia’s invitation to partner with the Open Government Partnership (OGP). It is another milestone for OGP and Indonesia’s Chairmanship as we envision to expand OGP’s foothold in the Asia Pacific region. With the considerable amount of knowledge and technical expertise in governance area, ADB plays a pivotal role in advancing open and good governance agenda, especially in the region. I look forward for a productive collaboration between OGP and ADB in achieving a more responsive government.”

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