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Stocktaking 10 Years Later: A New Value Proposition for Latin American Civil Society

El balance a 10 años: Una nueva propuesta de valor para sociedad civil en América Latina

María BaronandAlonso Cerdan|

This year marks the 10th anniversary since the Open Government Partnership (OGP) was launched. Throughout this decade, the platform has grown and supported civil society organizations and government stakeholders in the adoption of reforms to promote more transparent, participatory and inclusive governments in nearly all Latin American countries. Yet, we must acknowledge that while OGP has created exchange, support and learning spaces and has helped build an active community of open government leaders and advocates committed to social change in their countries, we are also seeing a rise in authoritative trends and civic space, freedom and trust setbacks.

The pandemic has aggravated this tension. The global and regional health emergencies helped our open government community rethink and create new ways to respond to the emergency with an open approach. In last year’s dialogue, we discussed the urgency to find ways to use the spaces, tools, and communities we have created over the past decade to articulate demands, create concrete proposals and develop accountability mechanisms.

The context and challenges we are facing led OGP to pose a series of questions. After 10 years of uninterrupted work, we want to understand what are the best ways to support civil society to leverage the OGP platform to address the countries’ most pressing issues. How can we make the OGP platform more appealing to organizations that focus on thematic issues such as gender, environment or civic space? How can we continue to provide support to organizations that, due to a number of reasons, have decided to send a clear message to the government by withdrawing from co-creation processes?

For us, 2021 and our 10th anniversary represent a unique opportunity to consult the Latin American community and raise the questions: What is working? What isn’t? What key demands have been left out of open government action plans and how can we guarantee that they are being addressed by OGP members? How can we better support you?

To this end, we designed this survey (available in Spanish and Portuguese) for civil society representatives in Latin America that have ever been a part of the OGP process, whether they joined recently or from the beginning. We want to learn from all the diversity of experiences and opinions. We will draw from your input to design a better value proposition, one that is focused on the needs of the Latin American civil society and that helps lead to more just and open societies. The survey will close on May 31, 2021.

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Muy bien, es una iniciativa interesante, creo faltan resultados y los 10 años de experiencia seguro nos dará algunos indicadores.

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