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The OGP Morocco Digital Agenda

La agenda digital de Marruecos

Sarah Lamrani|

As part of its OGP strategy, Morocco is building new structured and continuous online spaces that allow and promote interaction between the government and citizens. We are betting on ensuring a strong digital presence to allow people to have better access to information and to participate in government processes as more and more people in the country – particularly the youth – have more access to the internet and electronic devices.

In fact, out of the 18 commitments in the Moroccan 2018-2020 National Action Plan, 30% (6 commitments) are digital, detailed below.

Transparency portal: A dedicated space for citizens to request access to information and to monitor the progress of the OGP national action plan. This is also a structured space for OGP co-creation and co-assessment where users would be able to comment on existing OGP commitments and propose new ideas.

Participation platform: This space enables a more formal and legally binding space of citizens proposals. Citizens can draft petitions, collect signatures and submit online petitions at both the national and the local levels. These petitions would then be reviewed by either the local government, national government or by the parliament.

Integrity Platform: The portal showcases integrity initiatives of the different administrations. A bank of national integrity initiatives are catalogued by sector, by theme and by type of challenge.

The citizen complaints system enables receiving users to submit their complaints related to public service quality online or by calling in. Users can also share proposals and recommendations. In addition to its direct value to improve public services, the data is also analyzed to provide valuable insight to drive policy decisions.

The civil society organization (CSO) funding transparency portal publishes all the CSO funding opportunities by public institutions. It also publishes maps of the funds distribution by geography, sectors, etc.

Open Data promotion: This commitment is related to the promotion and reuse of open data and targets doubling the number of datasets published and the number of public administrations adopting open data principles.

These online platforms, and the overall reform, reflect a political will to establish stronger and sustainable foundations of openness as a national priority and confirmed by the OGP international commitment.

Morocco is currently drafting a plan for digital transformation of the public administration based on a new law of digital administration and a dedicated action plan to build the foundations for the transformation, centered around citizens centricity, administration integration, data revolution and innovation promotion.

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