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Open Algorithms Blog Series

OGP’s “Open Algorithms Blog Series”  is informed by the perspectives of participants at the “Open Algorithms” meetings convened by the OGP Support Unit. These bring together government reformers advancing algorithmic accountability, including through their OGP action plans, along with civil society partners working on the topic. The OGP SU would like to acknowledge the members of this group for sharing their experiences and inform policy dialogue on this set of evolving issues.

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Making Algorithms Accountable to Citizens

At RightsCon 2021, government officials and civil society organizations, including members of the Open Algorithms Network, discussed their experience implementing algorithm transparency ...

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Reflections on the Implementation of Public Sector Algorithmic Policy

Over the last few years, the way in which governments function has undergone a significant transformation, with more services being digitized for efficient and effective delivery.

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Open Algorithms: Experiences from France, the Netherlands and New Zealand

Algorithms - analytical systems that process data and supplement or replace decision-making previously undertaken by people - have become an essential way for governments to improve delivery of public services and implementation of policy...

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