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Brazil Mid-Term Self-Assessment Report 2018-2020

From the introduction:
Brazil is implementing its 4th National Action Plan. It was drawn up based on the same perspective as the 3rd Plan, and following the same methodology, which has been internationally replicated and commended, it is expected to achieve even more significant results after the biennium of its validity.

It consists of 11 commitments, which were co-created with the involvement of 105 people, representatives of 88 institutions, 39 civil society organizations, 39 Federal Public Administration bodies and 10 States and Municipalities Public Administration bodies, always with the aim of constantly strengthening the principles that guide the actions of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), the 4th National Action Plan is the result of intense partnership between government and civil society and reflects efforts to consolidate transparency, citizen participation and accountablity.

This Self-Assessment Midterm Report brings information on the construction process of the 4th Brazilian Action Plan and the status of its commitments, considering the period from October 2018 to August 2019.

More information on the Brazilian Action Plans and other initiatives related to open government is available at:


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