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Case Study (2014): Encouraging parents’ engagement in public education reform in Mexico

Mexico’s membership to OGP opened the gateway to negotiating with the education authorities to provide data. IMCO acquired databases on standardized test results and active teaching spaces, and cross-referenced them with basic data on the schools. Mejora tu Escuela covers all public and private schools from elementary to high school level and has four main tools: (1) ‘Know your school’ which lets people search for a school by name or geographic location and reveals the quality of education as well as a state ranking based on test results (2) ‘Compare your school’ which allows comparisons with other schools by educational quality, state and national ranking, performance over time and performance of students (3) ‘grade your school’ which invites the community to shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of each school and (4) ‘Improve your school’ which provides concrete tools and suggestions to parents on how to participate in addressing problems in their child’s school.

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