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Dominican Republic End-of-Term Report 2014-2016

In 2017, the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) published the end of term report for Dominican Republic’s second action plan. The report covers the second year of implementation of the action plan through 30 July 2016.

In Dominican Republic, findings from IRM researcher, Trajano Potentini, are summarized below:

“The Dominican Republic’s action plan focused on access to information and data release in sectors like education, health and environment. In the three areas there was significant change in government practice toward management of public information. The challenge ahead is incorporating accountability and participatory elements, into these initiatives, that foster greater impact of the information disclosed in public problems within these sectors”.

And in Spanish:

“El plan de acción de República Dominicana se enfocó principalmente en acceso a la información y la liberación de datos en sectores de educación, salud y medio ambiente. En estas tres áreas hubieron cambios significativos en la práctica gubernamental respecto a la gestión de información pública. El reto adelante será incorporar elementos participativos y de rendición de cuentas, en estas iniciativas, que propicien un mayor impacto de la información liberada en los problemas públicos presentes en estos sectores”.

The final report is available below. The two-week public comment period closed Tuesday 25 July 2017.

Commenters are welcome to comment below or email comments to: Please specify in your email if you wish for your comments to remain anonymous.


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