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Global Report: Defending Activists and Journalists

Defending Activists and Journalists Design

Without activists and journalists, open government is severely weakened. They serve as critical intermediaries, connecting public institutions and decision-makers with everyday citizens. They inform and raise awareness of issues–as well as demand accountability when it is needed. Protecting this essential watchdog role also protects the people who use open government every day to create change.

Freedoms required by activists and journalists continue to face threats around the world. This section explores specific challenges within OGP countries and possible solutions. Key findings include:

  • Activists are diverse. They come from all ages, genders and backgrounds, and have different needs, particularly when it comes to women, LGBT+, and marginalized groups. They are often communities of people, not just individuals or professional organizations.
  • In four out of five OGP countries, journalists report harassment, often from non-state actors.
  • In a small but notable minority of OGP countries, activists face harassment, stigmatization, detention, and violence.
  • In 50 OGP countries, there is inadequate investigation and prosecution of threats against activists and journalists.
  • OGP members can use their action plans to help activists and journalists by limiting harmful practices, establishing accountability against officials, strengthening investigative and prosecutorial bodies that can redress harms, and proactively communicating the important role journalists play in society.

Download the Defending Activists and Journalists module below or explore the full Global Report here.


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