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Global Report: Open Contracting

Open Contracting Design

Open contracting continues to gain momentum, and is on the way to becoming a global norm. Many governments in OGP have assumed open contracting commitments, several of which have led to strong results. Still, important challenges remain that require moving beyond the status quo of contracting reforms:

  • Engaging citizens to utilize contracting data for impact is key. Most open contracting commitments in OGP focus exclusively on information disclosure and do not include essential ingredients for data usage, such as citizen feedback loops. Engagement with users may be more important than immediate standardization.
  • Higher-quality contracting data is imperative. A lack of high-quality data continues to present challenges. Timeliness and completeness are essential to ensuring greater impact. In addition, usability is key, specifically, getting data out of PDFs and into a machine-readable format.
  • Empowering women improves both processes and results. Women are largely excluded from public procurement. Greater gender-disaggregated data collection and disclosure, gender-responsive policies, and citizen engagement would significantly enhance gender equality and drive more inclusive economic growth.

Download the Open Contracting module below or explore the full Global Report here.


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