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Kenya Results Report 2020–2022

Government and civil society reformers made progress implementing the Access to Information Act, open contracting, and strengthening access to justice. Commitments that had strong government and civil society collaboration saw greater results. Reformers continued to improve the institutionalization of OGP in Kenya amid the COVID-19 pandemic and general elections. Looking ahead, the OGP Kenya community is encouraged to improve public information disclosure on open government reforms.

Kenya’s fourth national action plan (NAP IV) had a total of eight commitments. The IRM Action Plan Review identified four promising commitments on open contracting, public participation and legislative openness, access to information, and access to justice.[i] At the end of the action plan cycle, only the access to information commitment was substantially completed. The remaining seven commitments saw limited implementation.

Marginal progress was made in implementing the open contracting, access to information, and access to justice commitments. The other promising commitment on public participation and legislative openness did not generate any early open government results by the end of the implementation period.

Towards implementing the Access to Information (ATI) Act, the government and civil society drafted ATI implementing regulations. An ATI course at the Kenyan School of Government increased civil servants’ understanding of their obligations under the Act. Additionally, a model ATI law and toolkit facilitated the adoption of ATI legislation at the county level. The Commission on Administrative Justice (CAJ) recorded all access to information requests submitted to public institutions from 2020 to 2021.[ii] However, procedural and administrative barriers, as well as difficulties accessing specific documents, especially those relating to government infrastructure projects, continue to inhibit public access to government-held information.

Under Commitment 2, the rollout of the upgraded Public Procurement Information Portal (PPIP) was an important step to advance open contracting reforms. The modification of PPIP to include all information on tendering opportunities and details of all contracts awarded by procuring entities allows for scrutiny by the public and other relevant government entities. Progress relies on efforts to increase disclosure compliance by procuring entities.

Civil society and the judiciary made marginal progress towards increasing access to justice. Civil society organization (CSO) Kituo Cha Sheria established the Kituo ICT Center, which enabled more than 300 indigent self-representing clients to access the Milimani Employment and Labor Relations Court. Dialogues between citizens and the government on alternative justice systems were held. However, opportunities to establish the Legal Aid Fund and full implementation of the Alternative Justice Systems Policy remain.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2022 general elections were the main challenges that limited the levels of completion across various commitment clusters. Other challenges included inadequate human resources, limited financial capacity, political interference, and lack of institutionalization and awareness about OGP across relevant government institutions and departments that play a key role in action plan implementation.

During the implementation cycle, the engagement of relevant OGP stakeholders took place at two levels: (1) at the level of the steering committee, where civil society and government co-convened follow-up meetings with members to monitor and discuss progress; and (2) at the commitment cluster level where the cluster co-leads organized meetings with their respective members. However, the levels of engagement and participation during implementation differed from one commitment cluster to another. The government did not maintain an online and up to date OGP repository with evidence of co-creation and implementation. Therefore, Kenya was found to be acting contrary to OGP process.

[i] “IRM Action Plan Review: Kenya 2020–2022,” Open Government Partnership, 16 August 2022,

[ii] “CAJ Annual Report 2020–2021,” Commission on Administrative Justice,


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