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Mexico Mid-Term Report 2016-2018

The themes included in the 2016-2018 action plan are innovative and diverse, but lack a clear connection between objectives and actions. Limited implementation and withdrawal of the Civil Society Core group from the Tripartite Technical Secretariat (STT) are the main challenges for the OGP process in Mexico. The government transition in 2018 is a good opportunity to reposition the process.


Commitment Overview Well-Designed?*
Theme I: Human rights strengthening of the Rule of Law Improve the human rights protection framework in Mexico through a national public policy on forced disappearance.


Theme II: Gender Equality Create a National Care System that allows for recognition and co-responsibility of domestic and care work.


*Commitment is evaluated by the IRM as specific, relevant, and has a transformative potential impact


In coordination with the STT, the government conducted a broad consultation process to develop the third action plan. It included an online consultation and a series of sessions to transform proposals into commitments. After organizations belonging to the STT’s core group withdrew from the Secretariat, the government continued implementing the action plan in coordination with other CSOs.

Did not act contrary to OGP process

A country is considered to have acted contrary to process if one or more of the following occurs:

  • The National Action Plan was developed with neither online or offline engagements with citizens and civil society
  • The government fails to engage with the IRM researchers in charge of the country’s Year 1 and Year 2 reports
  • The IRM report establishes that there was no progress made on implementing any of the commitments in the country’s action plan


During the first year of implementation the government focused on creating roadmaps for each commitment. Completion has been limited. None of the CSOs have formally endorsed progress in commitment implementation, including those working with the government after the core group’s withdrawal.

IRM Recommendations

  1. Restore trust with civil society and strengthen governance of the OGP process in Mexico to guarantee its viability and consolidate its relevance
  2. Emphasize the inclusion of accountability mechanisms for future commitments, as well as key topics from the public agenda
  3. Ensure more specificity for commitments that are complex and broad in scope; these must be accompanied by clearly defined milestones and action routes
  4. Intensify efforts to increase diversity and co-responsibility of actors that take part in the action plan
  5. Consider the elections calendar to define the timeline for the next action plan


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