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Netherlands End-of-Term Report 2016- 2018 – For Public Comment

In 2019, the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) published the End of Term Report for the Netherlands’ second action plan (2016-2018). This report summarizes the results of the second year of implementation from July 2017 through September 2018.

In the Netherlands, the IRM’s findings are summarized below:

“The second Netherlands action plan focused mainly on open data. The strength of this action plan was its implementation, with overall substantial completion. Moving forward, the IRM recommends that the drive for implementation is met with more ambition in the action plan design.”

And in Dutch:

“Het tweede Nederlandse actieplan bevat vooral actiepunten over open data. De kracht van dit actieplan zat in de uitvoering, met over het algemeen een substantiële mate van afronding. Voor de toekomst raadt IRM aan om in het ontwerp van het actieplan de uitvoering ambitieuzer aan te pakken.”

The version of the report for public comment is available in English and in Dutch below. The two-week public comment period closed 24 September 2019.


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