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Nigeria Co-Creation Brief 2022


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Amb. Godwin Kumai Akau Reply

I like the fact the OGP is making progress in opening up civic space for citizens to engage government accordingly, it is very important that these principles must be holistic meaning every area of civic space is utilized despite strong realities in Nigeria as insecurity and unemployment. The vast of governance is domiciled in rural communities and need strengthening on engagement. Despite calls to support grassroot citizens groups, it is very obvious that the bulk of governance mechanisms seems to be fully supported at urban enclaves. To this, I will call on the OGP to ensure that the CDC process is strengthen at rural communities and implementation is given full priority by government.
As grassroot CDC Champions, I call on the OGP to promote more of the community led movement as the CDC Champions to effectively engage in more governance programs to strengthen grassroot systems towards ensuring government are held accountable and work accordingly.

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