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Open Climate Governance Primer

This primer describes the benefits of a ‘whole of society’ approach to climate governance, providing illustrative examples from a range of countries. It is intended for both government officials and representatives of civil society organizations to use as a resource when engaging with their counterparts on climate governance issues. It has been developed for members of the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

As OGP co-chairs in 2016-2017, the Government of France and World Resources Institute made climate change and sustainable development core priorities for their chairmanship. The OGP’s Paris Declaration, adopted in December of 2016, included three collective actions on climate action and sustainable development, laying the foundation to leverage open government reforms to strengthen climate action. Since 2015, 15 countries have made 20 climate commitments in their OGP action plans, but this primer can also be used by all stakeholders seeking to build support for these approaches in their domestic context.


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