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Contribute to the co-creation of the 2016 Paris OGP Global Summit agenda!

Paula Forteza|

France will host the next OGP Global Summit in Paris on December 7 – 9, 2016. This year’s summit is particularly meaningful, as it will take place shortly after the 5th anniversary of the founding of OGP. It will be innovative both in terms of content and the format of the event. The ambition is to foster co-creation, focus on impact, and engage new actors in open government through a creative and collaborative approach.

Fostering co-creation

The agenda of the OGP Global Summit will be crowdsourced. A call for proposals was launched on April 20.  Any member of the international open government community has until July 20 to submit a proposal for a roundtable, a workshop, or an external event on The website’s functionalities were conceived to foster co-creation: real-time editing, proposals being made public, a voting module and a participatory forum contribute to produce a constructive dialogue around the agenda.

This process is enriched by co-construction workshops that contribute to the platform. In a barcamp configuration, participants discuss OGP-related topics, such as open parliament, civic tech accessibility and open source policy, in order to deliver interesting event proposals.

Focusing on impact

OGP is about sharing experience and resources. The 2016 OGP Global Summit intends to support OGP member countries in the practical implementation of open government principles and national commitments. To that end, a hackathon on civic technology will be organized with the global community to develop an open government toolbox for OGP, governments and civil society.

Open data portals, online petition websites, public consultation platforms, discussion forums, legislative monitoring tools – leading up to the December summit, coordinated international efforts – known as sprints – will see civil servants, civil society representatives and the civic tech community referencing, testing, improving and reusing technical solutions to foster democracy through increased participation. The final platform will be launched at the end of the OGP Global Summit.

Engaging new actors

The Summit aims at mobilizing a very wide range of actors, reflecting OGP’s recent work to  enlarge its scope of action to new constituencies such as Parliaments and cities. The French National Assembly will host some sessions of the Summit, and the City of Paris will have a major role in highlighting reforms taken at the subnational level, along with other local authorities engaged in the pilot program to encourage open governance at the local level.  The summit will also strongly engage artists, journalists, researchers and youth.

OGP side events will see these actors address their topics through a new lens, under the umbrella of a truly international “Open Government Week”. This network of “ambassadors” will spread open government values and methods, and continue to collaborate with the French government and WRI in the implementation of an inclusive Co-Chair agenda for 2017.

Please note that the deadline to submit proposals is Wednesday July 20. After the deadline, an editorial committee, which includes government and civil society representation, as well as the OGP Support Unit, will shape the agenda that will be presented to the community in mid-September. More information on how to submit a proposal is available here.

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