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Lessons from Reformers: Using Data on Women-Owned Businesses in Albania

Lecciones de los Reformadores: Uso de datos en empresas de mujeres en Albania

Leçons à Tirer des Réformateurs : Utilisation des données sur les entreprises appartenant à des femmes en Albanie

Women businesses Albania

This case study was originally posted in the OGP Global Report.

In 2016, the Albanian Institute of Science (AIS)–one of the CSOs engaged in the OGP process in Albania–conducted a study using data on women-owned businesses. The study revealed that:

  • women-owned businesses in Albania receive 5% of municipal contracts, which accounts for only 3.2% of total municipal procurement;
  • contracts awarded to women entrepreneurs tend to be more cost-effective;
  • larger municipalities award mostly lower-value contracts to women-owned businesses; and
  • 11 municipalities did not award any contracts to women entrepreneurs.

In March 2017, AIS hosted a public discussion with experts from government and civil society on how to overcome the challenges faced by women-owned businesses and to debate a series of new government initiatives focused on supporting women entrepreneurs. As a result, the analysis of publicly available data on women-owned businesses set important baselines, enabled stakeholders to track the performance of individual government institutions, and facilitated a more-informed discussion on how to increase women’s participation in public procurement.


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