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Open Youth: The Next Generation of OGP

Tamara Puhovski|

This year, Croatia had the biggest number of searches on Google as a summer destination. Some of them (here we value quality over quantity) were searching for an elite training program for future world leaders – The Open Youth Academy.

Mission: to use PSI open data to create solutions for implementing SDGs in the local community
Location: Pula, Croatia
Execution: Information Comissioner of the Republic of Croatia, HR Open
Engaged: 25 Youth from 15 to 30 from Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, France, Kosovo, Serbia, South Africa, United Kingdom
Mission Leaders: James Cattell (UK), Clémentine Désigaud (FRA), Jan Gondol (SK), Zoran Luša (CRO), Georges Labrèche (CAN, Kosovo), Tamara Puhovski (CRO), Miroslav Schlossberg (CRO), Kristijan Zimmer (CRO)
Unclassified information:
Resources: Barely

Why should Youth be OpenYouth?

There are more young people in the world than ever before, some calculations conservatively put the number at 1.8. billion. At the same time, it is one of the most underrepresented groups in the decision-making process. Yet, with their enthusiasm, fresh ideas, and drive for change, they have unprecedented potential for economic and social progress. Not to imply that they have to earn the right at the table, they are also the group we are all working for and the group that will inherit our accomplishments as well as our failures. They are the only group that can guarantee the sustainability of what you are doing right now. If we educate and motivate the youth to EXPECT transparency, openness, and responsibility from their government, their governments and societies will not have an option not to do so.

Where was OpenYouth born and how is it developing?

Luckily, this is the second year in a row that OGP has realised the importance of youth.  Acting as a partner and framework for organising the Open Youth Academy, OGP supports youth to be included in the movement, to be raised with firm values of transparency and openness, to have the tools to advocate and practice it, and to consider government and civil society a natural partnership. The Republic of Croatia is the initiator of the Open Youth Movement, the venue for the now annual Open Youth Academy, and its greatest advocate.

Could there be an OpenYouth Movement?

Yes. And not only could it exist, but it should exist. We should provide funds and framework for youth to advocate change in a way that is specific for this generation, to do it openly and digitally, to be challenged for creating apps, platforms and social innovation. To work locally and to be able to connect globally and support each other through the OGP network. Concretely we should:

  1. Have a youth representative in the OGP Steering Committee

  2. Update and sign the Open Youth Manifesto

  3. Have an obligation or at least a race to the top of OGP member states to have youth clubs as affiliated members of OGP permanent forums

  4. Financially and socially encourage Open Youth clubs around the world to monitor their governments through the OGP process, create OGP projects for their communities, interact and exchange ideas and knowledge with each other

  5. Create an online OGP course and incentive for youth to take it

If you have thoughts on this, we will discuss the youth involvement in creating an open world at the OGP Summit in Paris on the OGP – the next generation session. Join us!

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