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Rethinking Public Policies from a Gender Perspective

Replanteando las políticas públicas desde una perspectiva de género

Victoria Gallo Llorente|

This blog post explores highlights from Argentina’s report Mainstreaming the Gender and Diversity Perspective Into the Fourth Open Government Action Plan. Find the executive summary available in English and Spanish here. The full report is available in Spanish on the Government of Argentina’s website here.

We propose the integration of the gender and diversity perspective into Argentina’s fourth open government National Action Plan as a tool for mainstreaming into future open government commitments. Synergies between the integrity and gender agendas can strengthen the principles of open government and encourage us to rethink public policies through a more inclusive lens. We are excited to share the work of the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity with the global community, in the hopes that it will inspire other members of OGP that are determined to mainstream gender and diversity into their action plans.

We present an integrated assessment of the fourth Open Government National Action plan from a gender and diversity perspective as a starting point for the mainstreaming of gender into policy making. The process also enables tools that take into account underlying gender gaps and inequalities and identify differentiated impacts on women and the LGBTI+ community.

How does it work?  The process includes a gender assessment of every commitment included in the fourth action plan, integrating an inclusive, intercultural and intersectional approach. Then, starting from a set of triggering questions and examples to integrate the gender and diversity perspective, it identifies actions with high potential to close the gender gap.

PHOTO: Credit: Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity

In 2019, with the establishment of the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity, Argentina took a huge step to institutionalize gender. The ministry is a specific and specialized entity that regulates the gender and diversity agendas by engaging government agencies and stakeholders and mainstreaming the gender and diversity perspective across public policies. This was further strengthened with the creation of additional structures, including the National Cabinet for Gender Mainstreaming; the Federal Council and the Ad Honorem Advisory Council; and a consultation, participation and dialogue process that supports the design and implementation of gender and diversity plans, programs and policies. Thus, Argentina is securing the gender perspective as a state policy.

As part of this institutional process, we present the document “Mainstreaming the Gender and Diversity perspective Into the Fourth Open Government National Action Plan” as an annex to the 2019-2022 action plan. This is the first input put forward by the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity toward the Transparency and Accountability Program to promote mainstreaming of the gender and diversity perspective into the Government’s integrity and transparency policies, plans and programs.

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