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OGP at Ten: Toward Democratic Renewal

When eight governments and nine civil society leaders launched OGP in 2011, no one expected it to reach its current size and scope. Over the last ten years, however, OGP has grown in ways that have exceeded expectations.

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OGP Policy Progress Reports

As OGP marks 10 years since its founding, see how the OGP platform and a growing global community of reformers in governments, civil society, business, media and international organizations have advanced a variety of policy areas.

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OGP Vital Signs – 10 Years of Data in Review

As we reflect on the first 10 years of OGP and plan ahead for the next decade, we look back on data from nearly 200 OGP action plans and assess whether the platform is working as intended.


Algorithmic Accountability for the Public Sector

The Ada Lovelace Institute, AI Now Institute, and OGP have partnered to launch the first global study to analyze the initial wave of algorithmic accountability policy for the public sector. 

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Data Protection in Africa: A Look at OGP Member Progress

The global adoption of data protection legislation has been slow. Only 66 per cent of countries in the world have legislation in force, while an additional 10 per cent have draft legislation. African countries are behind this global trend, with…

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