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Colombia Implementation Report 2017-2019

Colombia had a good performance in the fulfillment of the commitments of the third action plan. Considerable improvements were made in the provision and dissemination of information with the creation of new systems and with the organization of existing information. Most of the subnational governments fulfilled their commitments satisfactorily.

Table  1. At a Glance

Member since: 2011

Action plan under review: 2017-2019

Type of report: Implementation

Number of commitments: 26

Action Plan Development

Is there a multistakeholder forum?: Yes

Level of public influence: Consultation

Acted contrary to OGP process: No

Action Plan Design

Commitments that are relevant to OGP values: 26 (100%)

Transformative commitments: 2 (8%)

Potentially starred commitments: 2 (8%)

Action Plan Implementation

Starred commitments: 1

Completed commitments: 11

Commitments with significant DIOG*: 7

Commitments with exceptional DIOG*: 3

Level of public influence: Inform

Acted contrary to OGP process: No

*DIOG: Did it Open Government

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a global partnership that brings together government reformers and civil society leaders to create action plans that make governments more inclusive, responsive, and accountable. The Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) monitors all action plans to ensure governments follow through on commitments. Colombia joined OGP in 2011. Since then, Colombia has implemented three action plans. This report evaluates the implementation of Colombia’s third action plan.

General overview of the action plan

Colombia completed eleven commitments, evidencing high levels of completion. Three of them brought about important changes in government openness. Likewise, five of the seven local commitments of this action plan were completed, and brought about an exceptional change in government practice in the Government of Antioquia. Civil society did not participate in the action plan’s implementation but they were involved in the visibility and dissemination of the results.

During the implementation process of the third action plan, Colombia improved the dissemination of information of relevant issues within the national context such as the commitments resulting from the Peace Agreement, the use of alternative conflict resolution mechanisms, and the monitoring of the civil service. Likewise, Colombia managed to promote citizen participation in social oversight exercises for projects implemented in prioritized municipalities for post-conflict initiatives.

Starred commitments must meet several criteria:

  • In the Design Report, the commitment is rated as verifiable, relevant to OGP values, and has a “transformative” potential impact.
  • The IRM Implementation Report rated the commitment implementation as substantial or completed.

Based on these criteria, Colombia’s action plan has one starred commitment:

Commitment XXI: Design and implement Public Policy of Open Government Departmental (Departmental government of Nariño)

Table 2. Noteworthy Commitments

Commitment Description Status at the end of the implementation cycle
5: Strengthening of the Intersectoral Committee for Environmental Democracy (MIDA) The implementation of this commitment was limited. The MIDA was created and formalized through a resolution by the Environment and Sustainable Development Ministry and did not accomplish concrete actions defined within a work plan, as planned in the commitment.
16. Building trust and Strengthening transparency and accountability in the Council of State The Council of State fulfilled this commitment substantially since it generated new information on best practices for visitor registration, standardized disclosure processes, and promoted accountability in the Judicial Branch.
19: Design a methodology that focuses and prioritizes the preventive surveillance function of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation. The implementation of this commitment was limited. The actions developed during its implementation account for a review and consolidation of the internal systems of the Office of the Attorney General but did not generate a clear methodology for preventive surveillance.
21. Design and implement the Departmental Open Government public policy (Departmental government of Nariño) The Departmental government of Nariño completed the planning and design process of their Open Government local public policy, resulting in the adoption of the first public policy on this issue in Colombia.
22: Open and publish selected information together with the organized citizenry, in Open Data format (Mayor of Cali). This commitment was completed and resulted in the implementation of different exercises with citizens to disseminate information and open data, in an organized and coordinated manner.

Five Key IRM Recommendations

The IRM key recommendations are prepared in the IRM Design Report. They aim to inform the development of the next action plan and guide the implementation of the current action plan. In the Colombia Design Report (2017- 2019), the IRM recommended the following:

1.     Institutionally strengthen the OGP process
2.     Deepen the co-creation process and commitment support to raise the level of public influence.
3.     Consider including fewer commitments but with greater ambition
4.     Provide support to participating entities
5.     Disseminate and publicize Colombia’s participation in OGP before interested stakeholders and citizens to raise the ambition of the action plans.


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