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Malta Design Report 2018-2020

Malta’s third action plan includes five commitments, with only two of them being clearly relevant to opening government. The country does not have a multi-stakeholder forum overseeing the development and implementation of the action plan. Future commitments could significantly increase in relevance and ambition through improved communication and collaboration with civil society.

Table 1. At a glance

Participating since: 2011

Action plan under review: 3

Report type: Design report

Number of commitments:  5


Action plan development

Is there a multi-stakeholder forum: No

Level of public influence: Consult

Acted contrary to OGP process: Yes


Action plan design

Commitments relevant to OGP values      2(40%)

Transformative commitments                   0(0%)

Potentially starred:                                   0(0%)

Action plan implementation

Starred commitments: N/A

Completed commitments: N/A

Commitments with Major DIOG*: N/A

Commitments with Outstanding DIOG*: N/A

*DIOG: Did it Open Government?

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a global partnership that brings together government reformers and civil society leaders to create action plans that make governments more inclusive, responsive, and accountable. The Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) monitors all action plans to ensure governments follow through on commitments. Malta joined OGP in 2011. Since then, Malta has implemented two action plans. This report evaluates the design of Malta’s third action plan.

General overview of action plan

The Ministry for European Affairs and Equality (MEAE) oversaw the online consultation process for developing the third action plan. There is no permanent multi-stakeholder forum for OGP. However, MEAE used the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD) to hold two meetings in March 2018 with various organizations to discuss the action plan.

The ministry used the online public questionnaire to solicit inputs during the consultation phase. However, there is no publicly available evidence about civil society contributions or influence on the final content of the plan. Therefore, Malta did not reach the “Involve” threshold during the action plan development, and thus the country is acting contrary to OGP process.

Malta’s third action plan includes commitments on public service delivery, migrant integration, blockchain technologies, strengthening of local government and the prevention of domestic violence. One commitment is not specific enough to be verified, and three commitments are not clearly relevant to OGP values. Two commitments are relevant to open government: the call for the implementation of the 2017 Migrant Integration Strategy (Commitment 2) and the strengthening of local councils and the Commission for Domestic Violence (Commitment 5). 

Table 2. Noteworthy commitments

Commitment description Moving forward Status at the end of implementation cycle
Commitment 2

Implement the Migrant Integration Strategy

The government could establish a multi-stakeholder forum to monitor the implementation of the Migrant Integration Strategy. The government could also publish information on how many people have used the integration services, how many migrants have taken language lessons and how many cultural mediators have been formed. Note: this will be assessed at the end of action plan cycle.
Commitment 5

Strengthen the Commission for Domestic Violence, and identify the needs of local councils to ensure their sustainability

The government could involve social organisations in monitoring the implementation of this commitment. The government could also develop a unified information system for data on violence against women and reporting systems for gender-based violence. Note: this will be assessed at the end of action plan cycle.




The IRM recommendations aim to inform the development of the next action plan and guide implementation of the current action plan.

Table 3. Five KEY IRM Recommendations

Establish a multi-stakeholder forum to ensure co-creation of commitments
Include commitments with measurable outcomes that are relevant to OGP values
Introduce public integrity measures, such as asset disclosure for public officials, anti-money laundering, and conflict of interest regulations
Improve the operating environment for the media, particularly around defamation legislation
Include commitments to foster civic participation and public accountability



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