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Tunisia End-of-Term Report 2014-2016

In early 2017, the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) published the end of term report for Tunisia’s first action plan. The report covers the full action plan implementation period of September 2014 through September 2016.

Jazem Halioui, an indepdendent researcher, wrote this report. His findings are summarized below: 

The Tunisian government made significant improvements in budget transparency by launching an open budget portal. However, the majority of the action plan saw limited completion. The Joint Commission could enhance its monitoring efforts to improve implementation of the next action plan.

And in Arabic: 
تمكّنت الحكومة التّونسيّة من تحقيق تحسّن واضح فيما يتعلّق بشفافيّة الميزانيّة و ذلك باطلاق بوّابة جديدة للميزانيّة المفتوحة. و مع ذلك فإن غالبيّة خطّة العمل لم تكتمل بعد و يمكن للّجنة المشتركة ان تعزّز جهود الرّصد التي تبذلها بهدف تحسين تطبيق خطّة العمل القادمة

The version of the report for public comment is available in English and Arabic below. The two-week public comment period closed June 2017. 


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