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Be a Part of the OGP 2017 Americas Regional Meeting in Buenos Aires

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Dear Colleagues,

The Open Government Partnership 2017 Americas Regional Meeting, to be held November 21-22 in Buenos Aires, is expected to draw some two-thousand participants from OGP’s eighteen countries in the region and beyond including: senior-level government delegates, representatives from a broad swath of civil society groups, digital innovators, journalists, researchers and others interested in promoting open government initiatives.

With open government reforms offering an important countervailing alternative to the rise of restrictive, closed governments, we are committed to designing an agenda that allows reformers to share their experiences and further the open government platform in the face of current global challenges. Taking into account positive experiences from the 2016 Americas Regional Meeting in Montevideo, our ambition is to co-create an agenda that is aligned with the major regional issues and challenges. As such, we are calling for proposals for speakers working on the following themes:

  • Anti-corruption and Accountability  
  • Citizen Participation and Protection of Civic Space  
  • Civic technology and open data  
  • Open Government Partnership and co-creation  
  • Open States
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Subnational open government  

The deadline to submit speaker proposals is August 10. An academic committee will select the speakers list and form the panels.

The 2017 Americas Regional Meeting is part of a larger Open Government Week in Buenos Aires from November 17 – 23, which includes:

  • OGP Academy – November 17 – 18
  • Civil Society Day and Points of Contact Meeting – November 20
  • Datacamp and HackDay – November 23

Stay tuned for further information on these events at our website.

Please note that the registration for participants opens August 1, 2017. For questions contact


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