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Launching the OGP Data Dashboard

Lanzamiento del panel de datos de OGP

Renzo Falla|

Today, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Support Unit is launching its first-ever data dashboard to serve as a one-stop-shop for accessing data on OGP commitments.

Since OGP was founded in 2011, participating members have made more than 5,000 reform commitments. Data about these commitments—including their assessments by the Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM)—are critical for understanding where reforms are succeeding and where more work is needed. And yet, we’ve heard from many of you that accessing this information remains difficult.

The OGP Data Dashboard aims to unlock the evidence and examples in the data. The goal is to empower reformers with information that enables stronger advocacy, peer learning, and reforms. For the first time, this tool makes it easy to answer common questions: which members have made commitments related to a particular policy area? Did the commitments achieve strong early results? And how do they compare to commitments in other areas?

A screenshot of the member map from the new OGP Data Dashboard


The beta edition of the OGP Data Dashboard has three layers of functionality:

  • OGP Basics: Learn how well OGP commitments perform and identify trending and top-performing policy areas.

A screenshot of the OGP Data Dashboard’s “Basic” page.

  • OGP Explore: Explore a subset of OGP commitments by combining policy area, location, and year filters. Discover which commitments are rising to the top.

A screenshot of the Commitment map, with a focus on Local government in Tbilisi.

  • OGP Search: Search commitments by keywords in multiple languages to find commitments related to specific topics.

A screenshot of the “Search” function, where users can search for commitments by keyword.

All of this information is updated daily, so you know you’re always working with the latest data. And for those who want to dig deeper, everything is available for download in open data format. If you have any feedback, please let us know at In the meantime, happy exploring!

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