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What is the way forward for Africa?

Joe Powell|

Colours of rain

The following blog originally appeared on OGP Africa.

“What will distinguish the Africa’s OGP plan?” was a question Alison Tilley posed to the participants at the first Open Government Partnership Africa Regional Meeting.

“We all know the common challenges that we face together as Africans, these problems make Africa ‘One Country” said Alison, Executive Director, Open Democracy Advice Centre (ODAC) from South Africa. Alison pointed out the importance of Open Data for Africa as a continent, as it faces poverty which grows day by day, impunity of unaccountable leaders and a legacy of corruption that has gripped the continent, adding that all leaders like transparency until they have to govern.

“This data will us help distinguish Africa’s OGP plan, as OGP is for the people and our key to freedom. Our future depends on that, and that’s why we need access to information.” said Alison.

Photo credit: “Colors of a rainy morning” by Wajahat Mahmood via flickr

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