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The following text was contributed by the Government of Bulgaria. 


The rationale for the participation of the Republic of Bulgaria in the global Open Government Partnership Initiative is the experience accumulated so far in the development of relevant policies and the associated implementation measures, as well as the established good practices that we are willing to exchange with the other participating countries.

The Bulgarian government shares the open government principles of transparency, public participation, responsibility, accountability and technological innovation which underpin the European legislation. The Bulgarian legislation has been harmonized with the European acquis and strictly adheres to the publicity and transparency requirements laid down.

Bulgaria promotes good practices in applying the four principles of open government, accounts for the benefits they bring and is aware of the necessity to further develop and expand them.

We believe that the best government decisions result from using the information and knowledge available in society. It is our position that the best way of ensuring optimal government decisions and of building a participatory civil society which is actively involved in government is by presenting the policy ideas to the public at the early stage of their formulation and seeking timely feedback.

Public consultations were held to contribute to the development of the Action Plan of the Republic of Bulgaria, feedback was also collected via the specialized section of the www.strategy.bg

The Bulgarian government sees the introduction of new technologies in the government processes and in providing public services to the citizens as a key factor in further developing good governance and democracy in the country.

The Bulgarian government opted to join the Open Government Partnership and is determined to continue to report the results achieved in implementing the following priorities:

  • Effective management of the public resources;
  • Improving corporate responsibility and accountability.

These priorities reflect the current successful policy of effective management of public and natural resources, of maintaining financial stability and improving the credibility of the government and financial institutions. We consider this policy and the guarantees for its transparency and openness as a major factor contributing for the economic and political development of the country and as a pre-requisite for quickly overcoming the effects of the crisis.


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