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The following text was contributed by the Government of El Salvador. 

From 2009, El Salvador strengthened its commitment to promote transparent and open governance, accountability, and encourage the active participation of the population in decision-making.

Thus one of the first steps was the establishment of the Secretariat of Transparency and Corruption in June 2009 with the mandate to develop guidelines and strategies and actions to promote transparency and combat corruption in government management. Later in May 2011, the Law on Access to Public Information was approved, ranked as the fourth best law in the world.

In line with these efforts, in September 2011, El Salvador joins to the Open Government Partnership, becoming one of the first countries to do so.

The Action Plan presented in Brazil 2012 is part of the commitments of the Five-Year Development Plan 2010-2014, and arises from extensive consultation with governmental entities, civil society organizations and business associations. With a similar mechanism consultations have been conducted between February and September 2013 for updating the Plan.

From the Action Plan commitments, El Salvador created the website "Gobierno Abierto" (gobiernoabierto.gob.sv) whereby you can access government public information, digital media "Transparencia Activa" and socially useful information website "InfoÚtil", was also set on The Fiscal Transparency website (transparenciafiscal.gob.sv) and opened 103 Information and Response Offices in governmental institutions.

El Salvador's Letter of Intent to Join OGP:



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