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Guidance for OGP Parliamentary Action Plans (2022)

Guía para Planes de Acción Parlamentarios de OGP (2022)


The Memorandum on Parliamentary Engagement adopted by the OGP Steering Committee in November 2021 outlines three models for parliamentary engagement in OGP:

  1. direct participation in the national or local OGP process;
  2. stand-alone open parliament plans (hereby known as OGP parliamentary action plans); and
  3. engagement beyond OGP.

Evidence shows that direct participation in the national or local OGP process and action plan allows parliaments to better explore potential synergies and play a more significant role in advancing broader open government reforms. Parliaments in OGP countries are therefore encouraged to explore ways to directly participate in their national process. Guidance on how to do so is provided in the Parliamentary Engagement in National OGP Process: Menu of Options.

Under the second model, OGP parliamentary action plans can be developed independently from OGP national action plans only in the following scenarios: to provide a stepping stone for parliaments whose direct participation in the national OGP process is not (yet) feasible; or in addition to their participation in the OGP national plans, where this is considered desirable by parliamentary stakeholders.

This guidance document provides guidance for those opting for the second model and specifies procedural arrangements, minimum requirements, guidance, and templates for the co-creation and implementation of OGP parliamentary action plans, where these are not co-created as part of a coordinated national action plan process. It is intended for national OGP members only. Guidance for OGP Local members is forthcoming in 2022.


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