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Sweden End-of-Term Report 2014-2016

Sweden has made progress in improving access to information and public accountability primarily in aid and development. Yet the government could do more to expand the scope of future commitments by adopting a more holistic approach to open government. This could be achieved by including more government and civil society stakeholders in the development and implementation of commitments and by setting clear objectives.

Table 1: At a Glance
Mid- term End-of- term
Number of


Number of milestones 25
Level of completion
Completed 0 0
Substantial 1 3
Limited 4 2
Not started 0 0
Number of commitments with:
Clear relevance to

OGP values


potential impact

Substantial or complete






All three () 0 0
Moving forward
Number of commitments carried over to next

action plan



The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a voluntary international initiative that aims to secure commitments from governments to their citizenry to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance. The Independent Reporting Mechanism (IRM) carries out a review of the activities of each OGP participating country. This report summarises the results of the period 1 July 2014 through 30 June 2016 and includes some relevant developments up to August 2016.

The Department for Aid Management (UDSTYR) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is the leading office responsible for Sweden’s OGP commitments. The mandate of UDSTYR is limited to foreign aid, and it does not have the power to enforce policy changes on other departments within government. Since open government touches all spheres of government and requires a more holistic approach, the OGP action plan would be better placed in the hands of a government entity with an overarching remit.

The government did not hold a regular multi- stakeholder forum for consultation with civil society organisations (CSOs) during the implementation period for this action plan. The MFA stated, however, that several consultations concerning OGP commitments took place in other forums.

All of the commitments are in line with OGP values. The IRM researcher found that only one of the commitments (increased access to Swedish aid information) had any noteworthy potential impact, albeit marginal. Commitments 3 and 4 (improved opportunities for dialogue and transparency in aid management and implementation) were also the only commitments to open government, although marginally. Three of the commitments have seen substantial progress, while two have a limited completion level.

At the time of writing, Sweden has not presented a new action plan for their third cycle.


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