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Design-Thinking Collaborative Method (BG0063)



Action Plan: Bulgaria National Action Plan 2016-2018

Action Plan Cycle: 2016

Status: Inactive


Lead Institution: Administration of the Council of Ministers, Central Coordination Unit

Support Institution(s): NA

Policy Areas

Capacity Building, Environment and Climate, Private Sector, Public Participation, Public Service Delivery

IRM Review

IRM Report: Bulgaria End-of-Term Report 2016-2018, Bulgaria Mid-Term Report 2016-2018

Starred: No

Early Results: Did Not Change

Design i

Verifiable: No

Relevant to OGP Values: Not Relevant

Potential Impact:

Implementation i



Piloting a new collaborative method (design-thinking) for analysis of complex open issues in the decision-making process relating to the EU Funds: organizing a seminar with stakeholders focused on the practical implementation of the environmental and climate policies as horizontal policies within the EU Funds management Status quo/Problem addressed: The co-design method is not widely used in Bulgaria for solving complex policy issues. Predominantly conventional approaches and tools are employed in the consultative process which are often more rigid and sometimes limit creativity and innovation. Main objective: To promote innovative consultation tools and increase the quality of policies formulated. Ambition: To foster a collaborative culture in the process of formulating and implementing policies. Deliverables and impact: Public official acquire skills to apply the new design-thinking method for resolving complex policy issues; increased creativity and innovation in the consultative process.

IRM End of Term Status Summary

4a1.4 Design-thinking collaborative method
For specifics on this commitment, please see the full report in Bulgarian or English.


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