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Algorithmic Transparency in France, Netherlands and New Zealand

Open Government Partnership 2020 Annual Report Read about the actions OGP took in 2020 to engage and activate the open government community and respond to the pandemic and its multiple challenges.

This example was featured in the OGP 2020 Annual Report. Read the full report here.

Several OGP members including France, Netherlands, and New Zealand are using their OGP action plans to advance transparency, participation, and accountability of government algorithms. In the case of the Netherlands, their 2018 commitment on open algorithms brought together 150 people from all walks of life, including civil society, artists, and scientists to raise awareness and talk about the government’s use of algorithms. Their recently submitted 2020 commitment on open algorithms aims to improve on these efforts with increased focus on oversight.

Featured Photo: heylagostechie via Unsplash

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