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Announcing the Agenda for the OGP Global Summit 2019

Anunciando la Agenda de la Cumbre Mundial de OGP 2019

Annonce de l’ordre du jour du Sommet mondial PGO 2019

OGP Support Unit|

Open Government Partnership thrives in its diversity of actors, perspectives, and approaches to opening governments everywhere. In that spirit, co-creating the agenda for every OGP Global Summit and Regional Meeting to reflect the many priorities of all OGP governments, civil society organizations, partners, and reformers is always a welcomed challenge – ensuring that it is representative of the Partnership’s needs and priorities overall. Today, we are pleased to share the draft agenda for the OGP Global Summit 2019 to be held at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa, Canada from May 29-31 2019.

In its role as the Government Co-Chair of OGP, the Government of Canada is co-hosting the Summit in collaboration with Canadian civil society. The OGP Summit will host reformers to discuss ways to leverage open government initiatives and tools to build stronger, more accountable, and responsive democracies; driving home an ambitious agenda around the key themes of inclusion, participation, and the impact of open government.

This year’s Summit comes at a crucial time. Since we met last year in Tbilisi, several challenges still persist for the open government community  – civic space continues to shrink, trends of disinformation and authoritarian regimes are still on the rise, and trust in government institutions is still fluctuating. The Summit offers a space for us to learn how leaders are challenging these trends and provides an avenue for reformers across sectors and communities to enable intersecting conversations and collaboration.

Like previous years, the agenda for the Global Summit was co-created with the open government community through an open call for proposals. In just three weeks, we received more than 800 proposals, evaluated by an editorial committee comprised of the OGP Support Unit, the Government of Canada, civil society organizations, and international partners. This committee reviewed the proposals by looking at their approach, creativity and interactiveness, impact and relevance, as well as representativeness.

The draft agenda for the Summit includes the titles, organizers, and key information of the sessions taking place on May 30-31 only. Over the next few weeks, we will be working closely with the editorial committee and session organizers to ensure that the agenda accurately reflects the diversity of our community.

At the Summit, you will also learn about OGP’s gender and inclusion campaign, our flagship report on the state of open government, and much more. Additionally, the Summit will be home to a series of events that include an all-day civil society gathering, a meeting of all OGP government points of contact, the return of the OGP Academy, and other associated events hosted by our esteemed colleagues and partners.

More than a gathering, the Summit is a celebration of open government and a time to reflect about the relationship between government and the citizens it serves. We look forward to seeing you in Ottawa this year, and make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest updates.

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